Humanitarian Relief and Development Council (HRDC)

Humanitarian Relief and Development Council (HRDC) is a national NGO delivering high-quality programming to beneficiaries across Somalia in core areas outlined by what we do, HRDC is a Humanitarian relief, development, and advocacy organization committed to community living a life free of poverty, violence, and injustice. We have been building powerful partnerships for the community since 2015, we are dedicated to working with Somalia's most vulnerable people and serve all people regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender.

Type of Organisation

  • Non governmental organization (NGO)

Areas of Interest

  • Atrocities Prevention / Responsibility to Protect
  • Civilian Protection
  • Climate Change & Conflict
  • Community Peacebuilding
  • Conflict Analysis
  • Demobilisation, Disarmament and Reintegration (DDR)
  • Democracy
  • Dialogue and mediation
  • Early Warning Early Response
  • Gender
  • Human rights
  • Human security
  • Peace & Justice
  • Peace education
  • Peaceful Elections
  • Reconciliation
  • Refugee / Internally Displaced Peoples' rights and/or support
  • Rule of Law
  • Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Youth

Organisation Activities

  • Capacity Building / Training
  • Fundraising
  • Lobby & Advocacy
  • Networking
  • Project Implementation

Member of GPPAC