• Ghasin Alzaiton Organization

    Ghasin Alzaiton Organization

    A non-profit and governmental organization working in Iraq since 2012. The organization main working focus is on peacebuilding in Iraq.

  • Red Elephant logo

    The Red Elephant Foundation

    The Red Elephant Foundation is an initiative that is built on the foundations of story-telling, training, tech-for-good and advocacy for gender equity and civilian peacebuilding.

  • JAP logo


    Justice Access Point (JAP) is a local Uganda based NGO supporting the state and non-state actors to develop the capacity for prevention of atrocity crimes.

  • Logo libertad religiosa

    National Conscience for Religious Freedom

    It is a non-profit Civil Association, founded in Mexico City in 2015, with the purpose of promoting the welfare of individuals, families, and society through the promotion and defence of human rights related to religious freedom through disseminat

  • Youth Peace Diplomacy logo

    United Network of Youth for Peace and Diplomacy UNYPD

    The United Network of Youth for Peace and Diplomacy UNYPD works to renew the minds of young people to become non-violent agents of change. We promote Peace education and peace-focused activities among youth in low-income communities. 

  • Wanep Liberia logo

    West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP-Liberia)

    GPPAC member

    The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) is a regional non-profit organization with the mandate to enable and facilitate the development of mechanisms for cooperation among civil society based peacebuilding practitioners and organizations

  • Center for religious cooperation logo

    Center for Religious Cooperation and Tolerance - CRCT

    The Centre for Religious Cooperation and Tolerance -CRCT is an organization that is committed to the cause of humanity through the promotion of religious harmony, tolerance, justice, peace and effective political administration for feasible and su

  • QPI Kenya logo

    Quaker Peace Initiatives Kenya

    Quaker Peace Initiatives Kenya’s core mandate and activities are premised on peacebuilding and conflict transformation at the local, national and regional levels.

  • Peace Crane logo

    The Peace Crane Project

    The Peace Crane Project invites every student in the world to fold an origami crane, write a message of peace on its wings, then exchange it with another student somewhere in the world.

  • Wand logo

    Women's Action for New Directions

    WAND builds women's political power to advocate for security and peace with justice. We believe that women are central to shifting the militarized, patriarchal culture that pervades our society and leads to endless war and violence.

  • Arta Zalmoxa logo

    Asociatia Arta Zalmoxa

    Arta Zalmoxa Association has joined the Peace One Day activities, with the hope that by joining our forces, having a continuous and responsible communication, to succeed – step by step – that the rest of 364 days of the year to be declared PEACE D

  • Way logo

    World Assembly of Youth

    The World Assembly of Youth (WAY) is the international coordinating body of national youth councils and organisations. The full members of WAY are national youth councils. WAY has 140 member organisations from all continents.

  • Lampaix logo

    Mediators & Advocates of Peace (LAMPAIX)

    A non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, Mediators & Advocates of Peace (LAMPAIX) is devoted to the cause of building sustainable peace for development, and full enjoyment of human rights.

  • ArtHum logo

    Artists for Humanity (ArtHum)

    - A society in which human dignity is respected and coexistence is promoted.
    - Promoting dialogue, peace and stability within society, through educative, cultural and