The Peace Crane Project

The Peace Crane Project invites every student in the world to fold an origami crane, write a message of peace on its wings, then exchange it with another student somewhere in the world. Classrooms, teachers, students, schools, community groups, and individuals are welcome.

The Project gives students the opportunity to express themselves, learn basic geography, strengthen their writing skills, and improve their hand-eye coordination. Participants are exposed to other cultures, given the opportunity to hear new languages, and see the world through the eyes of others. Most importantly it empowers youth to make a difference in the world and inspires them to lead us all to a more peaceful future.

Have you heard the life story of Sadako Sasaki? Sadako was a young victim of war who folded paper cranes in hopes her wishes would come true. The popular version read and told in the USA is a novel, not her true story! Our new book The True Story of Sadako Sasaki, co-written by her older brother Masahiro Sasaki, is based on Masahiro’s memories of his sister and their childhood together. Masahiro is answering questions from students reading the book. 

In addition to the Peace Crane Project, this year we continue to host CRANES IN FLIGHT, hold our annual CREATIVE BOOK AWARDS, and have a new T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST. Please check out these activities as well!

Want to help us grow? DONATE or BECOME A SPONSOR! Share our QUICK START GUIDE with your child’s teacher or your local community leader.

Type of Organisation

  • Non governmental organization (NGO)

Areas of Interest

  • Peace education

Organisation Activities

  • Networking

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