• Peace Now logo

    Our mission is to gather One Billion Signatures in support of the creation of Ministries, Departments & Infrastructures for Peace in all governments worldwide. Furthermore. we endeavour to establish September 21st as a national U.S.

  • World beyond war logo

    World BEYOND War

    Founded in 2014, World BEYOND War is a global grassroots network of volunteers, activists, and allied organizations advocating for the abolition of war and its replacement with an alternative global security system based on peace, nonviolence, and

  • Momm logo

    Moments of Mass Mindfulness

    Moments of mass mindfulness (MOMM) is a meditation movement for everyone. We are raising awareness of, and co-creating in community, a model that fully embraces the true definition of health as both an Art and a Science.

  • 80 thousand voices logo

    80,000 Voices

    80,000 Voices produces ticketed music and dance events involving well-known musicians, comedians, DJs and choirs which take place in stadiums across several countries simultaneously over a period of 2-3 days.

  • Faces Up Uganda logo

    Faces Up Uganda

    We are a youth-led charity based in Kampala, Uganda. We deliver tailored mentorship sessions to underprivileged young people within and out of school across Kampala and some parts outside. 

  • Global Dignity logo

    Global Dignity

    Global Dignity works in 70 countries to encourage a deeper understanding of the principles behind dignity, and to inspire people to build a world where compassion, understanding and love triumph over intolerance, injustice and inequality.

  • On Earth peace logo

    On Earth Peace

    On Earth Peace (OEP) develops and walks with leaders and communities who work for justice and peace. We envision a world in Beloved Community liberated from oppression, violence, and war.

  • Wise logo

    Wider Security Network WISE

    Wider Security Network (WISE) is a civil society network established in October 2015 that brings together Finnish NGOs and parliamentary groups, to work together to promote peacebuilding, crisis management and conflict prevention both nationally a

  • Rohr logo


    Registered in Zimbabwe on 30th August 2007, ROHR Zimbabwe was formed by a group of Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe and the UK for purposes of promoting a culture of human rights through community mobilization, capacity building and active responses to hum

  • AJO logo

    Afghanistan Justice Organization

    In order to promote democracy, governance, and rule of law, AJO focuses on building and reforming institutions and individuals on governance including training and adoption of anti and counter corruption measures, anti-money laundering, financing

  • Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation logo

    The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation

    The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation exists to end hunger and poverty in Africa, through investments in Education, support to social entrepreneurs and the development of tomorrow's leaders.

  • Smiles Africa logo


    Smiles Africa International Youth Development Initiative (SAIYDI) is a non-profit civic platform of change makers committed to developed and empower young people, organizations, institutions and communities at the grassroots in the promotion of de

  • She Matters logo

    She Matters

    She Matters is a social enterprise with a mission to empower refugee women through employment. 


    Rwenzori Information Centres Network (RIC-NET)

    Rwenzori Information Centres Network (RICNET) is an indigenous NGO in Uganda that uses innovative ways (ICT and social platforms) in promoting the human rights of social excluded communities and children in Uganda.

  • CDA logo

    CDA Collaborative Learning

    GPPAC member

    CDA is an action research and advisory organization that bridges the gap between theory and practice to improve the effectiveness of peacebuilding, development, and humanitarian organizations, and responsible businesses working in fragile and conf

  • Learning Portal for DM&E for Peacebuilding

    Learning Portal for DM&E for Peacebuilding

    The Learning Portal for Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DM&E) for Peacebuilding seeks the maturation and professionalization of peacebuilding evaluation. Peacebuilding professionals from a variety of backgrounds have highlighted the need to s
  • Peace Foundation Melanesia

    GPPAC member
    The organization has a vision to be strong and dynamic in promoting the use of mediation and restorative justice applying Melanesian custom law, and sets its mission to empower people and community through the establishment of sustainable community j